Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

SM artists show their support for Japan

To add to the ongoing support the world is giving to Japan,
the artists of SM Entertainment recently took the time to record video messages and give their condolences to those affected by the natural disaster.
Super JuniorTVXQ, f(x) (with an appearance from the elusive Amber), SNSD, and SHINee all recorded their own personal messages. Each artist extended their prayers and support to the victims of the Japan earthquake and asked fans and the nation to join in their support.
Watch each of their video messages below:
Super Junior:

Leeteuk states that there has been a huge disaster in Japan. He asks that fans extend their prayers to Japan and to support Super Junior in supporting Japan.


The members state that they are very worried about the people in Japan and that SHINee wants their fans to join them in supporting the victims.


The members of SNSD say that we need to become one in support of Japan and that everyone should give their support to the victims.


The members of f(x) say that now is the time to support Japan for both themselves and their fans.


Yunho and Changmin say that fans that love TVXQ should join them in their support for Japan.

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