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Charming SHINee @ Kbs Music Festival 101230

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Taemin at Gayo Daejun, hugging heechul and dancing 101230

[Spoiler] 101231 SHINee @ 2010 MBC Gayo Daejun.

- SHINee will Hello and Lucifer in the concept of Good vs. Evil.

- Battle with 2PM.

- Onew and FT Island sing “Run the Sky”.

- Taemin to sing ID Peace B as a tribute to BOA (probably with other idols?)

Source: DC Shinee Gallery
Credit: Jujugal

[Info] 2010 MBC Gayo Daejun. (101231)

- The MCs are: Ryu Si Won, Tiffany Hwang & Kwon Yuri

- Performers line-up: 2AM, 2NE1, 2PM, 4minute, After School, B2ST, BoA, CNBLUE, Davichi, F.T Island, f(x), Homme, Hong Jin Young, G-Dragon & T.O.P, Infinite, IU, KARA, K. Will, Lim Jung Hee, miss A, Narsha, Rainbow, SECRET, Seo In Young, SG Wannabe, SHINee, SISTAR, SNSD, Son Dam Bi, Song Dae Kwan, Super Junior, Supreme Team, Tae Jin Ah, T-ara, U-Kiss, Younha, ZE:A

- Special Stages: Khuntoria Mini Drama

Broadcast starts around 9:55pm KST! Stream at: http://kpopflash.net/stream/

Credit: Allkpop & kpopflash

[Picture] SHINee Official Concert Goods

1) BROMIDE – 10,000 WON
2) L-HOLDER – 5,000 WON
3) POSTCARD SET – 10,000 WON
4) STICKER SET – 5,000 WON
5) TUMBLER – 15,000 WON
6) BROCHURE – 15,000 WON
7) PHOTO SET(A Set/ B Set) – each 9,000 WON
9) SLOGAN TOWEL : A (OFFICIAL FANCLUB) – 9,000 WON ~ B (GENERAL) – 11,000 WON 10) BLANKET – 15,000 WON
11) TOWEL – 10,000 WON

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[Fancam] 101230 Sexy Key - It's My Life @ 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun

[Fancam] 101226 SHINee Crying And Thanks The Fans Ending @ SHINee 1st Concert In Japan

[Video] 101230 Minho SBS New Star Award (Eng Subs)

[News] SHINee Voted As Star of the Year 2010.

In the category of male group, SHINee sprang up from 3rd to the top at the last moment with 24.4% (17,223 votes).

MBLAQ came 2nd with 21.44%(15,133 votes) and 2PM 3rd with 17.71% (12,500 votes).

SHINee’s leap to the top was made as comparatively fewer netizens participated in voting for the category.

The top three are followed by Beast 13.89% (9,805 votes), 2AM 11.61% (8,193 votes), CN Blue 10.96% (7,739 votes).

Source: Jaekyeong Ilbo
Credit: jujugal

[Fancam] 101230 Key - It's My Life @ 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun Rehearsal.

[Fancam] 101230 Jonghyun - Lucifer @ 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun Rehersal

[Fancam] 101230 Jonghyun - Bohemian Rhapsody @ 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun Rehearsal

[Fancam] 101230 Taemin - Lucifer @ 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun Rehearsal

[Fancam] 101229 Onew's Hand On Key's Waist! @ 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun

[Fancam] 101229 Sexy Jonghyun!! @ 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun Rehersal

[Fancam] 101230 Taemin - It's My Life @ 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun

[Fancam] 101230 2MIN - Grand Opening @ 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun

[Video] 101230 DJ DOC & All The Artist (Spot SHINee!) - Dance with DOC @ 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun!

Changmin & Junsu & Jonghyun & Yoseob & Jungmo & Dongwoon - Bohemian Rhapsody@ 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun!

Changmin & Yoseob & Jonghyun & Junsu - It's My Life @ 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun

[Video] 101230 SHINee - Lucifer @ 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun!

[Video] 101230 2MIN - Grand Opening. @ 2010 KBS Gayo Daejun

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[Video] 101106 Jonghyun, Key, Taemin Taste Taiwan Food - Arirang. (Eng Subs)

[Fancam] 101229 Jonghyun - ' Everybody Put Your Hands Up!' @ 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun

[Fancam] 101229 Jonghyun Powerful Vocal @ 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun

[Me2day] 101229 Key with f(x)'s Sulli. (Eng Tans)

[Original Message] 안돼ᆢ내 닭다리ᆢㅠ
[English Translation] Oh my chicken!
Source: f(x)'s Me2day

SHINee @ Gayo Daejun

credit: as tagged



aw taemin!!!!!!!!! you’re so cute

taemin on gayo daejun



wegt3w574n yrthrthbdbd



Magnae Show was A+


best couple ever~


Shoot me already.


ok where’s the video of this already???!!!

[Fancam] 101229 Taemin - Lucifer @ 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun Rehearsal

[Fancam] 101229 Sexy Jonghyun @ 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun

[Fancam] 101229 Fierce Taemin @ 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun

HD 101229 SHINee & F(x)- Lucifer & NuAbo @ SBS Gayo Daejun (Dec.29,2010)

101229 [HD] Maknae Show - Circus [SBS Gayo Daejun]

[Video] 101229 OnKey Trot Song @ 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun!

101229 - GD (Minho)

cr: myz080525@yt

101229 SHINee - Lucifer @ Gayo Dajeun

SHINee “2011 Global Audition in Korea” promotion video

credit : forevershiningshinee

Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

[Video] 101227 SHINee on MBC News. (Eng Subs)

[Fancam] 101227 Key - Replay @ Software Charity Night. (Full)

[Fancam] 101227 Key - Hello @ Software Charity Night. (Full)

[Fancam] 101226 Charisma Jonghyun @ SHINee 1st Concert In Japan

Hot’n Sexy ♥ MINHO ” Up & Down” @ SHINee 1st Concert In Japan 101226

SHINee Jonghyun points to fans @ SHINee 1st Concert in Japan 101226

[PIC&GIF] SHINee 1st Concert #3

cr: baidu


whoah wolverine?

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‘Angel Key’ at SHINee 1st Concert in Japan 101226

Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

[News] KBS’s “2010 Gayo Festival” to pick the best song of the year

KBS’s “2010 Gayo Festival” will be picking the best song of the year during their December 30th ceremony.

Based on digital sales, album sales, broadcast appearances, and text messaging votes, the cumulative points will determine 2010’s best song of the year.

The theme for this year’s festival is “Harmony“; as such, the event will feature a variety of special performances from many popular artists. Viewers can expect to see collaborations between seniors and juniors, hip hop and folk music, and other ‘harmonious stages.’

One highlight performance would be 2AM’s Changmin, 2PM’s Junsu, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and B2ST’s Yoseob coming together to sing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The ceremony will be broadcasted live in 55 different countries, including Japan.

Source: Sports Today via Nate
Credit: Allkpop

Lagu “Hello” SHINee lagu yang paling ilegal didownload di bulan November

Menurut Korea Asosiasi Hak Cipta Pusat Perlindungan Hak Cipta, SHINee Hello adalah lagu yang paling ilegal di download pada bulan November. Dalam kategori web chart lagu papan digital, Hello mencetak 1201. Hal ini diikuti oleh
  • Yim Jeonghee’s “It Can’t Be True” (1196),
  • 2NE1 “Go Away” (805),
  • Miss A’s “Breathe” (794), dan
  • 2NE1 “Can’t Nobody” (784 ).
Source: Newsen.
Credit: jujugal
Indotrans: KeyRani@shineeworldindonesiacommunity.wordpress.com

[Fancam] 101227 Cute Jonghyun @ Software Charity Night

[Fancam] 101227 Key @ Software Charity Night

[Fancam] 101226 Angel Dubu @ SHINee 1st Concert In Japan!

[Fancam] 101226 Sexy DJ Jonghyun Solo - Girls @ SHINee 1st Concert In Japan

[Picture] SHINee's Official Japanese Website

This is the link >>> http://www.shinee.jp/

[Video] 101225 Minho's Model Christmas Wishes @ Oh! My School! (Eng Subs)

[Video] 101225 Key Arrives and Key's Friend with Temper? @ Oh! My School! (Eng Subs)

[Video] 101225 Key Exposes Minho As Noona Killer @ Oh! My School! (Eng Subs)

[Fancam] 101226 Flying Angel Taemin @ SHINee 1st Concert in Japan

[Video] 101226 SHINee 1st Solo Concert In Japan News

[Fancam] 101226 Key Solo - First Kiss @ SHINee 1st Concert in Japan.

[Video] 101226 2MIN Game Cut @ Dream Team Saipan Special (Cut)

[Video] 101214 Jjong, Kyu, Jino Q/A Time, Onew's Birthday @ PKL Starry Nigh (Eng Subs)

[Video] 101226 Playful Minho @ Dream Team Saipan Special (Cut)

[News] SHNee is going to Thailand on 12th March 2011

SNSD, CN Blue, Big Bang, 2NE1,2PM, 2AM, SHINee, After School, KARA,
T-ARA, Secret, 4Minute, Beast, MBLAQ, Miss A & Se7en will perform @ Rajamangala National Stadium (Bangkok, Thailand) on 12th March 2011.

Duration: 4 hours
Ticket Sales Start: Around February 2011

Credit: dkpopnews

Angel Onew @ SHINee 1st Concert In Japan 101226

Taemin Romeo+Juliette sexy back solo @ The 1st SHINeeWorld Concert JPN 101226

Cutie Taemin playing with balls @ The 1st SHINeeWorld Concert JPN 101226

[PIC] SHINee@ 1st COncert on Japan


SHINee at SHINee Japan Concert, bowing and thanking Shawols

you want some?

of course not
fans shouted: but oppa you’re so handsome today!
rly? oh ofc i am, here

and here’s the other one cause i’m kind like that ^^;;




teary eyes onew :”>


who says Onew didn’t cry yesterday? :O

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