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Onew and Song Joong-ki resemble to each other

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Netizens have uploaded images of celebrities that resemble each other. Are these artists related? Unfortunately, they are not. Netizens have discovered that quite a few male stars could actually pass for brothers. The celebrities in the picture above are:

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and actor Jung Gyu Woon
F T Island’s Lee Hong ki and Jang Geun Suk
SHINee’s Onew and Song Joong-ki
JYJ’s Micky Yoo-chun and actor Yeon Jong-hoon,
C.N. Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa and actor Jung Kyung Ho, and
T.O.P. and Joo Won

Do you agree with them?

credit : ayuaditi@soompi || source :, photo : as tagged

Setujuuuuuuuuuu!! Song Joongki emang mirip sama si Dubu Chicken ><

News - Best boy group No. 10: SHINee 110409

Minggu, 10 April 2011

Pasti kalian udah nunggu ini kan??
Hehe,,aku juga. Semoga ini seperti tahun lalu bagusnya dan lebih baik kalau lebih bagus :D
Dan kali ini udah keluar daftar penampil dan sebagainya di Dream Concert 2011. Cek disini :

SHINee @ Sungkyunkwan University (hairstylist wedding) 110409

Lumayan banyak nih pikunya...
A-Yo cek it now :D

[Gif images] Happy Jonghyun with fans

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Credit: tumblr | via: Cutie_JaeHwa  @ soompi

[Gif] SHINee for Auction “Kanken Bag Collection” AD caps

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Credit: tumblr | via: Cutie_JaeHwa  @ soompi

Jonghyun’s Birthday Party Fan-account 110408 #4

15. Taemin allowed fans to raise hands & ask them questions.
Here are the questions being asked.
Question: When will SHINee be going Japan?
Ans: We won’t be going anytime soon. (with the current situation)
Question: Do u all (SHINee) miss yoogeun?
Ans: We meet yoogeun often, we have texted yoogeun with the help of yoogeun’s mum. Yoogeun is in Kindergarden now, but we still meets him often. (Awww, so glad that SHINee appas still meet their son!^^)
Question: When will be the next SHINee’s encore concert
Ans: We Don’t know
Question: When is SHINee’s next comeback?
Ans: We are Unsure
(it’s ok shawols,let’s wait patiently ok?)

16. Lastly, the members have to sign on the balloons to give to the fans. Key drew a face on the balloon & said that it’s Jonghyun hyung. (JONGKEY MOMENT)

Credit: Shakizi (Original Source) The SHINing Club SHINee Baidu Bar (Chinese translation) JongKey_Alert (English translation)

Jonghyun’s Birthday Party Fan-account 110408 #3

8. After cutting the birthday cake, Jonghyun started to ask the members for his birthday presents.
Minho: Chinese traditional Medicine!
Jonghyun: That’s my medicine 3 days ago!
Minho: You just take it that I’ve delivered them to you!

Jonghyun asked Key for present. (JONGKEY MOMENT)
Jonghyun:Why dont u give me the _____ brand of sunblock, since i bought expensive shades for u? (alexander wang shades)
Key: But it’s that I’ve bought you present first, then u bought me a pair of shades. Now, I’ve bought u sunblock, it’s time for u to buy me a present.

Key actually bought Minho a yellow USB. (i think it’s Minho’s present for his previous birthday)

When Jonghyun asked Taemin & Onew for birthday presents,
both of them said that they are giving him their heart. (lol!)

(Hmmm is Key the only one who gave Jjong a present? hehe)

9. There are young shawols present at the party, 15 year old, 13 year old. Jonghyun went like “Kids~” & felt comforted.

10. Minho: Can i hit u since it’s your birthday.(they have this birthday “bash” in Korea, a tradition)
Jjong: Can, but no hitting on my face!
Minho: Then I shall give u a special one, I shall hit your injured leg.
Jjong: If you do so, I will have to rest for one year. —- (LOL!!!)

11. Jonghyun mentioned that he has just cut his hair. The shawols present commented that he looks nice.
Minho: It seems like u really love to hear others complimenting about your hair. Okok, it’s nice.
Key: Do u guys know why Minho asked this? Because he just did his hair too. (LOL! Key is so straightforward!)

12. Fans got to ask Jonghyun questions at his birthday party.

Question: Which country Jonghyun wants to visit the most.
Jonghyun said Greece.(he mentioned this on radio before)
Minho: Why Greece? Is it because of the sea? or there are other reasons?
Jonghyun: Minho why are u treating me like this? Is it that u want to date me?

Question: A song to describe Jonghyun’s life.
Jonghyun replied that he doesn’t know & chose SHINee’s songs.Fans then asked Jjong to sing. They requested for Hyeya & Obsession but Jjong said that the songs are too difficult for him as he has just extracted his wisdom tooth. He has difficulty to open his motuh properly.

Minho mentioned that during SM the Ballad’s promotion time, Jjong practiced Hot Times so loudly that he can even hear it from the toilet.

13. Jonghyun saved Key’s contact number in his cellphone & named his contact as “KEY”.

14. If SHINee were to form a band. Jognhyun will want Taemin to be on the keyboard, Minho on the bass/guitar & Key as the lead vocalist. He has skipped Onew but onew requested to be the drummer.

Jonghyun recalled the photo of him in a band (back in high sch), Key imitated Jjong’s pose & expression.(exactly the same) Key mentioned that he will never forget that photo. (JONGKEY MOMENT)

Credit: Shakizi (original source)& The SHINing Club SHINee baidu bar (Chinese translation)
JongKey_Alert (English translation)

Jonghyun’s Birthday Party Fan-account 110408 #2

1. At backstage, SHINee boys were busy teasing each other.

2. Key said that it has been a long time since they have met, it feels awkward. It feels like they are from a different group. (LOL!)After greeting the fans, Jonghyun appeared.

3. Jonghyun was complaining about the party’s lights being too bright & he feels warm. Thus, he took off his coat.Key said that he did that to show off his new clothes (inner ones). Jonghyun denied at first but admitted later on. (JONGKEY MOMENT)

4. During Jonghyun’s ankle recovery, he has been resting at his own home & seldom see his members.He asked how have they been doing. He mentioned that he is busy exercising,practicing his guitar, singing & resting.Minho said that Jjong pretended to be busy as he texted jjong, Jjong replied in 10 sec.

5. Jjong saw 2 fanboys at his bday party & started talking to them. Key: Are you trying to show off that u have a lot of fanboys?! (JONGKEY MOMENT) LOL!!

6. After singing birthday song & cutting cake, the SHINee members began to spray foam/streamers at each other. Jonghyun asked them not to spray on his clothes since he bought them 3 days ago. Then, he actually sprayed the members! (LOL) The members played except Key who went to hide at a corner as he dislikes being sprayed at. Jjong sprayed at the fans & apologized after that.

7. Minho wants to smash the cake on Jjong, thus he took off the decorations on the cake. Jjong sensed it & asked Minho if he wanted to smashed the cake on him. Jjong puts the decorations back on the cake & told Minho not to do it. (the deco will hurt his face)Key said that it will better with the decorations. Key helped Jjong to put them back on the cake.

credit: Shakizi (original source)& The SHINing Club SHINee baidu bar (Chinese translation)
JongKey_Alert (English translation)

Taemin’s Diary with English Translation

1st picture:  just a pic of him that says he’s a Taemin that’s “cool like Rain”
kalo tadi chinese translation, sekarang eng trans nih...
cek it now all :D

[ENG] Key2day update on

[Key] 생일축하기념!!! 팬여러분과의 생일파티도 재밌었습니다! (내가 준 썬크림으로 피부미남 되세요.) 
Happy birthday !! Celebrating with fans is really so interesting & fun! ( use the sunscreen i get for you and have beautiful skin boy )! 
Credit: SHINee’s me2day
Chinese translation :WINNIee @ baidu
Eng Trans: forever_shinee 5th admin

Taemin’s Diary with Chinese Translation

credit&source: withtaemin, DC || reupload: vinamalia@soompi

Surprise Birthday Party for Jonghyun 110408

Jonghyun dapet surprise di depan gedung SM, dengan 100 fans yang beruntung..
huhuhu, pengen deh saaayaa, bogoshipo Jonghyun oppa :(
cek it now.

[Full Audio] 110409 Jonghyun’s Birthday party @ SME

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3Part 4 - Part 5

cr: PP2pinkyTOP85 @ YouTube

Stalking Jjong outside SM Building #2 110408 -

Stalking Jjong outside SM Building 110408

Minho,Suzy,Jiyeon,Onew - Music Core MC cuts 110409

Minho & Onew ‘Auction’ Interview 110409 -

SHINee for ‘Auction’ (Kanken Bag Collection) AD -

SHINee AUCTION ‘Kanken Bag Collection’ AD caps

source and credit: kindergarten

#blingblingday Kim Jonghyun Still trending in Singapore as of 110409 10.32pm kst!

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[audio] SHINee Jonghyun birthday party audio cut 110408

Jonghyun Birthday UFO

Jonghyun Birthday UFO Text~~~~
[종현]안녕하세요 종현입니다!! 벌써 날씨가 포근해졌네요~~^^전 따뜻한 날씨 속에서 기타도 배우고 많은것들을 준비중입니다. ^^ 여러분 어찌 지내세요!ㅋ 보고 싶네요. 아 그리고 생일축하해 준거 너무 고마워요^^ 평범히 지나갈 날들이 당신 때문에 특별해졌어요 고마워^^ 어서 만납시다! 다시 웃는 얼굴로^^

[JongHyun]Hello This is Jonghyun!! It’s mild weather already~~^^I’m practicing many things like playing guitar, etc in this warm weather.^^ How have you been, guys?ㅋ I miss you. Ah, and thank you very much for the happy birthday messages^^ You make my ordinary days so special. Thank you^^See you soon, with smiling face^^

TVXQ, Suju Kibum & Minho SHINee menandatangani pins bowling

Belakangan ini beberapa bowling pins yang bertandatangan  TVXQ menarik perhatian dari fans.
Pada 8 APril, seorang netizen mempost tiga gambar dari  bowling pins di Daum, bersamaan dengan judul:  “Saya mengambil ini di arena bowling .”
Foto2 menunjukkan pins yang ditandatangani oleh TVXQ  U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. Disamping itu, ada juga pin yang ditandatangani Super Junior  Kim Kibum and SHINee  Minho.
Netizens yang mengupload foto mengungkapkan kalau dia menemukan mereka di arena bowling di Hwayang-dong.
Neizens lain yang melihat foto berkomentar:  “I must get my hand on those sometime”, and “TVXQ sedang menikmati haya hidup sehat”.
Source: Dong A
credit: koreaboo
Indo Trans; yeppopo

[Official] SHINee for Auction poster

Wuah, akhirnya fotonya keluar juga, hahahaha
Mereka cakep cakep sangaaat~
Tapi gak ada Jongppa jadi kagak lengkaap~
Bogoshipo oppa~

Mau liat?

Jonghyun in front of the SM building 110408

Credit: ijonghyun & as tagged

Jonghyun’s Birthday Party Fan-account 110408

credit & reupload: vivz 

[ENG] #blingblingday : Jonghyun posted a post with Shining SHINee

Hello everyone, i am Blingbling Jonghyun
I am very thankful to everyone’s birthday well wishes for me ^^
although last year and the year before i have received the blessing , but still
having the fresh feeling always hehe

although we have not met for a very long time 

next time, we must meet happily ^^ 

Credit/ soruce: Biadu
chinese translation : 黑色·泡泡 @ baiduEng translation : Forever_shinee 5th admin

bogoshipo Jonghyun-ah~ ><

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Schedule of SM Artists’ China Concerts Released

SM Artists’ Concerts in China:
August: in Nanjing- SHINee, Girls Generation
October: in Nanjing & Guangzhou – SJ KRY Concert
December: in Nanjing – SJ 4th Tour Goodbye Concert
March – April: in Nanjing & Beijing- DBSK
Please note this is only a rough schedule of the concerts; more official information will be announced in May.
Credits: 大唐娱乐 &
posted by

#blingblingday & Kimjonghyun is trending in different places as of 0015kst

Yoogeunnie is so Precious

Stalking Jonghyun

credit: astagged/ baidu

Bling Bling Jonghyun Surprise Birthday Party

SM is throwing a birthday party for Jonghyun to celebrate his 22nd birthday on his birthday this friday together with one hundred lucky fans at the SM building!

Source: Credit: 레이피엘@Shakizi

Key at Ha Sang Beg Fashion Show A/W 2011

Source: drsoyeon @ blog.naver + Credit/Reup: kiana78 @ soompi

Source: + Credit/Reup: kiana78 @ soompi


saengil chukaeyoooo oppaaaa :D
saengil chukae bling bling Jonghyun :D
saengil chukae my yeobo :D
saengil chukahamnida :D :D
wish you all the best :D
di umur mu yang ke 21 (umur Indonesia)
22 tahun (umur korea)
semoga oppa selalu menjadi yang terbaik buat SHINee dan SHAWOL :D
GBY :D :D :D

mari kita bernyanyi :

saengil chukahamnida
saengil chukahamnida
saranghaneun uri Jonghyun
saengil chukahamnida


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[RUMORS] SME Hana Kimi Drama Roles

about Hanakimi Roles from SME
When news that SMent is going to film “Hana Kimi” started spreading, netizens have been making up their own dream-cast lists. Recently, SM officials have already released part of the cast list on their official site.

The current list had Shinee’s Minho as popular high-jump athlete, Izumi Sano, SNSD’s Yoona as the female lead Mizuki Ashiya, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul would act Shuichi Nakatsu as who fell for Mizuki Ashiya, causing him to be confused of his own sexuality. Leeteuk would be acting as a flirtatious senior . The current list might still under go changes.

Source: SJ Baidu翻译 Vogar
出处 TopNews
Trans to eng: fayeriELF


SHINee Collection of a Shawol

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Credit: jenniferNZ  @ soompi

Excited Key @ Opera Star 110402

TaeKey @ Opera Star 110402

Key’s Cute moments @ Opera Star 110402

Onew gave 2 thumbs up to CSJH’s Sunday @ Opera Star 110402

[must watch!] Super close to Taemin that you wanna reach out and touch him @ Opera Star 110402

[must watch!] Happy Maknae Taeminnie Cute Moment + 2MIN moment @ Opera Star 110402

Handsome Leader Onew @ Opera Stars 110402 #2

source: no reason | credit & reupload: vivz @ soompi thread

Awesome SHINee @ Opera Stars 2011 110402 #3

source: no reason | credit & reupload: vivz @ soompi thread