Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

[News] SHINee’s Taemin is not leaving school because of attendance issues

Amidst recent reports that SHINee’s Taemin is leaving Chungdam High School due to problems fulfilling its attendance criteria, a spokesperson from the school has come forward to deny this, saying, “It is not true that his attendance is substandard.”

On the 2nd of March, through a phone call with EdailySPN, the spokesperson stated, “Although it has become generally known that Taemin is leaving school due to attendance problems, this is in fact different from the truth. If he had indeed failed to meet attendance expectations, he would of course have be dismissed from school. In this case though, he is leaving of his own accord.”

Prior to this, Taemin was caught up in a controversy when the subject of his leaving school was reported by the media.

Currently in his third year, Taemin is transferring to an arts school in order to better accommodate his promotion schedule with idol group SHINee.

Source: EdailySPN
Credit: Dkpopnews.

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