Minggu, 10 April 2011

Taemin’s Diary with English Translation

1st picture:  just a pic of him that says he’s a Taemin that’s “cool like Rain”
kalo tadi chinese translation, sekarang eng trans nih...
cek it now all :D

2nd picture (handwritten diary page):  
name: Lee Taemin
blood type: B type
nickname: diamiri (bath towel?)
personality: others say Taemin (understandable, sometimes quite interesting/funny)
my best 7 friends:
introduction: in 2004 i became a member of 5th grade class 1.  my name is Lee Taemin, i will become a Lee Taemin that remembers this 5th grade class 1.
most memorable event: first time meeting my classmates
what you would say to yourself in 20 years: i’ll probably have a job by then.  if that’s the case, then put in your best effort for that job!
what you want to say to your friends: even though i want to become one whole class, but it’s almost to the time when we depart.  until that day, let us all put in our best efforts to create the most beautiful memories.

3rd picture (this must have been one of those school journals they had to keep):
“After reading ”  2004. 07.21
     I’ve finished reading .  even though it took me a long time to finish reading this book….
     This book is about a child who has leukemia, and the father puts in all his effort to save him.  because of the father’s love, the child also hoped to overcome this disease.  in order to pay for the boy’s surgery, the father sold his eyes/eyesight.
in the process of treatment, the boy’s father was diagnosed with cancer.  but because the father only tended to the boy, his cancer cells spread.  in the end, the boy lived, but the father passed away.
     the boy was sent to his mother, who also kept the father’s illness from him; it was heartbreaking.  i know that the love that the father gave to the son, “the love given to a son has great strength.”

“New family member” Sunday, january 2
     our family has a new member.  it’s a dog!  actually the maltese we bought as a christmas present…because he passed away, we bought this new yorkshire terrier.  it’s really so cute and very healthy, i think it will have lots of babies.
     its name is Yogo, it is 3 months old and still pees and poops everywhere.  this is our 4th dog.  our family will put all our heart and soul into caring for this dog so that it will live 15 years.  and i think because of Yogo, our family will be very happy.  and even if Yogo becomes old, we will still let her have babies and pass down the generations.  i am in a good mood today.

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