Minggu, 10 April 2011

Jonghyun’s Birthday Party Fan-account 110408 #4

15. Taemin allowed fans to raise hands & ask them questions.
Here are the questions being asked.
Question: When will SHINee be going Japan?
Ans: We won’t be going anytime soon. (with the current situation)
Question: Do u all (SHINee) miss yoogeun?
Ans: We meet yoogeun often, we have texted yoogeun with the help of yoogeun’s mum. Yoogeun is in Kindergarden now, but we still meets him often. (Awww, so glad that SHINee appas still meet their son!^^)
Question: When will be the next SHINee’s encore concert
Ans: We Don’t know
Question: When is SHINee’s next comeback?
Ans: We are Unsure
(it’s ok shawols,let’s wait patiently ok?)

16. Lastly, the members have to sign on the balloons to give to the fans. Key drew a face on the balloon & said that it’s Jonghyun hyung. (JONGKEY MOMENT)

Credit: Shakizi (Original Source) The SHINing Club SHINee Baidu Bar (Chinese translation) JongKey_Alert (English translation)

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